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Feminist Temporalities
(PELT V. 4)
Edited by Anna Moser and Ada Smailbegović

Friday January 26
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Selectors' Records
8 E. Pender Street

* * *

Readings by:

Danielle LaFrance
Stacey Ho
Tiziana La Melia
Ada Smailbegović

* * *

In February 2016, Anna Moser and Ada Smailbegović had a conversation about the possibility (then dream) of producing a collection of contemporary feminist writing that cut across genres, and that reflected the voices of both emerging and established writers and artists. Responding to timely debates in the NYC poetry community, as well as to the renewed urgency that a word like “feminism” seemed suddenly to embody in light of the shifting political climate, we settled on the “theme” of Feminist Temporalities, in an effort to acknowledge “the unambiguous reality of an arduous and as-yet inconclusive movement.” 

Feminist Temporalities (PELT V. 4) explores a striking constellation of diverse, yet related, critical and creative engagements, including, but not limited to: work and maintenance; crisis and abandonment; patience and reverie; the everyday, but also the fabulous; historical time, felt time; the non-monumental rhythms that may be at play below the thresholds of human perception, but also the vast swaths of geologic time that may supersede them; wild dreams; the patriarchy; the law.

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