Comprising experimental poetry and prose, Friendly + Fire (Talonbooks 2016) interrogates the male subjective experience of war and the gendered implications of camaraderie or “brotherhood” while aligning the seriousness of a war target with the frivolities of gossip: “MILITARY LINGO SUBLIMATES SMACK TALK FROM HERE ON IN.”


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All machines, as assemblages, are assembled. Here, a circlip, retaining ring, return spring, sprocket, shaft, lobe, lubrication nipple, fork, hammer, action. If guns don't kill people, then we'd best outlaw people as fast as legislation will let us; we hear this takes time. Due Process. In the management of anger, we remove or distance ourselves from an essential quality of love and friendship; we attack and defend, we unquestion, we breath calmly, unblinking, nodding complacently, supple, dispassionate, as our hand grips and tenses and a shot (and a person) is fired.

Pink Slip (Standard Ink & Copy 2013) is out of print


Abjection, translation, and insurrection: in Species Branding (Capilano University Press 2010) these coordinates give new garb to some of poetry's most enduring idealisms and abstractions: beauty, desire, and friendship. No frame is left uncatalogued. Every bastion of the bourgeoisie is stormed. Every wall - every gender - is scaled. In other words, "revolution ends here, man."

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