POEM # 11

& now as I rise from my couch,  I cum in it for fun.  

The other night it came all over me ina dream.

Spilled this bath tub filled to the lip with dead goldfish.   Should have

seen its face. I gave it a poachable face, akin to salting the meat.

Bacon smile & balut four eyes. My complacency is its best friend.

Fall from its MPV to the earth,  smiting it on the chest with my bills.

Now, so long as this bush waxed &  it is still morning.  Strip the

sheets from off it &  let its hips bare  lies when they fall.

I love this dick, but I take it out of this mouth once in awhile.

Wander the lemon field,  prying the best lemon succulentfire.

Bite its rind, squeeze its juice.  Though this fire won’t give, I lick its flame.

Virtuous lemons shank sad tibia.  Nothing is a sign until it is.