POEM #20

Formerly,  the Gods  used to  go to  war with one  another,

then they  became  united,  formed cults.  In poem  twenty

Zeus will be  played by  Professor  Xavier  in blackface.


Victims  bring down  the uni  before  its stated  time. Zeus

reads tone in  email, wishes  to speak back  calmly,  “GRAB EM

BY THAT GRATUITOUS WORD.”  Old men make  me sad.  Too warm a  

piss for  the like  like tea.  I've always  wanted  to see

EM beaten to a shit  bloody pulp  with a  high-heeled shoe  stuffed up EMS

mouth, sort of  the pig with  the apple. It would be  good to

put EM  on a serving  plate but  you'd need  good silver.