…it feels good

when you play my body

luck be a body tonight

it is all a state of J-E-L-L-O

J-A-I-L time inadequacy

prison abolitionism

shipless oceans

to your singing eyes

doom in loving

sail to me

let me unfold

here I am

raging to hold you

nothing can undo

I want to know

if you are okay

this is not a P-O-E-M

suffragette smokers

leading advertisements

a rapist in jail

means prisons still exist

it is not funny

no laughing matter

it feels good

to smell everything

desire a sustained feeling

broken by distraction

no sexual experience

not interested in sexual

sexual concatenation

disconnect from physical contact

from intimacy

beacon of hope

so far gone

no sex your whole life

where I was

I would be upset

I would feel a whole lot of emotions

self-made monies

aspect of dedication

nothing else to worry

about but opponent processes

that one thing you can focus

all your attention

everything else, everything else

melts away

the body might decompose

it is not abnormal at all

I got something that is

as basic and neutral as possible

LAURE’S priest rings a bell until he dies

LAURE’S priest cannot eat

a small amount of air provided

LAURE’S priest gets to death

situation     contradiction

desire    ethics

desire for something unethical

LAURE’S priest makes me wet


this intense desire destroys a person

play that sound

peak and break

dip again

you and I go to the same place

it is a wild place

you and I stay there until you and I

show ourselves a ritual

making coffee or making breakfast

desire from the mouth

comes from the mouth

I read about you in a book

no country in or out

future horror

when am I on

I am on…