How shall you fuck without causing harm

the scene, the fantasy, is specifically opposed to yes I do yes

sex isn’t an escape, it works for awhile

then it doesn’t, then it does again, then it doesn’t

How shall you fuck like the Vestal Virgins

where oral sex is good conversation and entering life is a choice

boring adventures ruin time, disturb the possibility life is there

if not by your hands, but my own

How shall you fuck an inner ear condition

understood in terms of the need to relive great anguish

at the end of the movie Hard Candy she hands him rope

I am a sniper aiming for earlobes as opposed to junk

occasionally these more sadistic musings cause you discomfort

cause me hypocrisy

How shall you fuck the pain away

move to the country, eat you a lot of peaches

if buying land is your solution, a negative judgment shall be made

I hand you rope    you know what to do